4 Tips On Using Gray To Decorate Your Home

When it comes to neutrals, gray is one of the widely-used colors in many interiors. Its various shades allow designers and homeowners to use them in walls, furniture, and decoration pieces. Gray also suits almost all interior designs, whether they are old or contemporary.

As 2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox, Feng Shui experts recommend gray tones in home decor as they are the color of metals such as silver, iron, and platinum. Pantone also selected Ultimate Gray as one of their two colors of 2021. If you are looking for a fresh look, or want to attract positive energy into your private space, here are four tips on decorating your home with different shades of gray.

Use Light Gray for Walls

Paint your walls with light gray tones to create a soft and cooling ambiance. An almost-white shade of gray may set the tone for other shades of gray and complementary colors in your home. Take a look at some of Marco Polo Residences’ units; you’ll notice that the bare walls are balanced by darker neutral tones and a few vibrant accents. Plus, your newly painted walls may be coupled with patterned sheets, a bed or couch with a darker gray hue, and furniture pieces with pops of color to add more personality to your home.

Pair Gray with Earth Tones

Because gray is a neutral shade, it can either be cool or warm, depending on the accents paired with it. If you want to follow 2021’s  Feng Shui advice and the upcoming home decor trends, pair your grays with earth tones such as yellows, blues, browns, and greens. In fact, Illuminating Yellow is the other color selected by Pantone for 2021; combining it with Ultimate Gray is said to attract warmth, optimism, resilience, and hope.

Pair your grays with blues and greens to create a cooling effect in your home. A gray-with-blue or gray-with-green color scheme makes any room feel more relaxing and refreshing. If you have soft Illuminating Yellow walls, darker gray and silver accents with browns may create rustic and elegant touches to your space.

Experiment with Texture and Temperature

Besides pairing grays with earth tones and varying shades of neutrals, experiment with different textures and temperatures and see which combinations work best for your home’s interior. Since gray is sophisticated and timeless, use various gray shades for permanent fixtures such as your kitchen cabinets and hardware. Paint your cupboards and bottom cabinets with cool grays to complement your marbled countertop, stainless steel appliances, and blue accents. If you want warmer tones, combine your grays with copper, brass, or toned wood finishes.

Use Red Accents

If you want to highlight the gray shade in your home, introduce red to your theme. You may use red throw pillows, ceramics, table decor, fabrics, and flowers with your primarily gray interior. The red and gray combination somehow creates historic and winter moods in your home. Your reds will also appear brighter while complementing your grays.

Whether it is the year’s selected color or not, gray will always be versatile and timeless. If you plan to redecorate with one of 2021’s colors, map out how you will use these four tips in decorating your home with various shades of gray. You’ll create an abode that is calming and relaxing for you and your family.