Sex life: I’ve Got 3 Glucose Daddies Since i have Got Hitched

Sex life: I’ve Got 3 Glucose Daddies Since i have Got Hitched

Sex life are an anonymous Zikoko a week collection you to definitely explores the pleasures, frustrations and you can adventure off intercourse regarding lifestyle off Nigerians.

The subject of so it week’s Sex-life is a good 39-year-old heterosexual girl who’s merely actually ever enjoyed sex with older boys. Due to the fact she had hitched a decade ago, this woman is just enjoyed sex with her sugar daddies.

What was your first sexual feel?

I was a devoted Mills & Benefit reader throughout decades 14. By the point I was 16 and making secondary school, I needed having sex. You to definitely evening, a neighbour tried to force me to bring him a strike occupations. I part him and ran. I found myself frightened and you can more calculated to stay manage up coming. When I had gender to your very first man you to toasted me in 100 top, I didn’t make sure he understands I was an effective virgin. This new intercourse are horrible.

You can give it was horrible even although you did not have far to compare it in order to.

Sure. We understood he should have complete something wrong as the I had done lots of browse and you may are actively masturbating and you will offering me personally sexual climaxes.

Just what exactly took place after that terrible experience?

We dumped him. A few weeks later on, We already been sleeping having a significantly more mature kid who’d good ‘permanent’ girlfriend. Read more