Sports Bluetooth earphones has become the standard for more and more people. The HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones’ charming red version makes sports more fashionable.

In addition to its appearance, the strength of its products cannot be ignored. With a large battery of 137 milliampere hours. It can realize ultra-long standby for 10 days and 11 hours of continuous use. The IPX5-grade waterproof, and is not afraid of sweating and getting wet in the rain! Strong and humanized product design makes it a dark horse in 2017 sports Bluetooth headset category.

On February 21, 2017, at the launch of HONOR’s new products. HONOR released two new models of HONORV9 and HONOR8 youth versions and numerous new accessories. Releasing the first sports Bluetooth earphones specially built for sportsmen-HONOR sports Bluetooth headset.

Appearance characteristics:

HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones adopts wireless design and can magnetically absorb wireless. Earphones have a variety of color combinations of charm flame red, aurora blue and magic night black. Different groups can choose different styles. HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones charm flame red edition maintains a two-stage structural design and a light body structure. Let consumers have no sense of weight in the process of using. That makes sports simpler and faster. At the earplug, HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones adopts a high-precision drilling and cutting process. And is equipped with high-density CD lines. The glare formed not only improves the overall taste, but also adds texture of it.

Function parameters:

HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones has a standby time of 10 days and an endurance of more than 11 hours. The 11 mm large-size moving coil unit has strong bass. It has high sound restoration of micron diaphragm. The single-sided weight of earphones shall not exceed 5g.

HONOR Sports Bluetooth Headset has IPX5 waterproof and sweat-proof design. They can effectively prevent sweat and rainwater from entering the headset. The whole machine adopts the process of imitating human auricle. It is more suitable for human ears. In addition, the earphone adopts the method of fixing the earphone and the retractor at three points. That can reduce the stethoscope effect.

Bluetooth Headset

Functional improvements:

Sports Bluetooth headsets are criticized by consumers for their “poor sound quality”. In order to solve the sound quality problem. HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones uses micron-sized composite diaphragm to have better transient response. More than that, the 11 mm large-size moving coil unit design can enhance the bass effect. Making every consumer to get a good music experience.

It is worth noting that HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones have many intimate places. The whole machine adopts the human auricle imitation technology. It is more in line with the human ear. Even if it is worn for a long time, it has no oppressive feeling at all. In addition, this earphone provides earplugs of different sizes. Consumers can choose the right ones according to their own needs. Of course, different family members can use the product by replacing earplugs, which is worth the money.