In most cases, a hockey shooting pad will be made out of a polymer that is similar to synthetic ice, but not the same. Shooting mats are made so that the player can practice shots with a surface that is slick like ice and gentle on the hockey stick blade. Where shooting pads and mats are made so that people can practice shots, synthetic ice is made for people to ice skate on.

Synthetic Ice Flooring

Synthetic ice is made out of an extra-strong plastic that can handle the heat and the abuse of constant ice skate blades. This kind of flooring was developed in the 1960s by some very passionate people that did not want to give up. Over the years many of the attempts and making a perfectly matched replica of real ice has been challenging, but with the advancement of modern technology and a better understanding of science, developers have been able to create a fascinatingly accurate replica of real ice that has built-in lubricants and can handle the abuse of a hockey team.

Dryland Hockey Flooring

Another type of hockey flooring that is growing in popularity is dryland hockey flooring. Sometimes this kind of flooring is referred to as slick tiles. Although it is not the same as a shooting pad, it is not the same as synthetic ice either. You can practice shots and play around with a puck rebounder without many problems. Synthetic ice is made for ice skating, and dryland flooring is not. In fact, if you try to ice skate on your dryland flooring, you could end up hurting yourself. If you can imagine trying to ice skate on your kitchen floor, it would be much like trying to ice skate on dryland tiles. Dryland hockey flooring is mostly for practicing shots in sneakers, or on rollerblades.

Rubber Roll Hockey Flooring

Another type of hockey flooring that is available on the market is rubber flooring. It is not typical for hockey players to use this kind of flooring because it is mostly for playing hockey with balls instead of hockey pucks. Rubber flooring is in no way even close to the typical slick hockey flooring and is not ideal for ice skating or gliding pucks. Many people loave to go out and play ball hockey for fun. It is not as violent and dangerous as traditional hockey, but it can still be fun.

How to Use a Shooting Pad

Using a shooting pad to practice with is a great way to gain strength and accuracy with shots. One of the most beneficial ways to use a shooting mat is to purchase a hockey shooting tarp to go along with it. A shooting tarp will protect your walls appliances and possible people from being beamed with flying pucks. You can set up a tarp in a way that suits your level of skill and the things that you need to work on as a shooter. If you get yourself a big pile of pucks to shoot at the target on the tarp you won’t have to chase them every time you make a shot. One of the best ways to improve your shooting skills is repetition. If you continually shoot the same shot over and over again until you get it perfect every time, you can build your shot up to sniper level in no time. Practice the hard shots that you have a hard time making the most so that you can strengthen the areas that you have weaknesses in. This is how you become a champion, and this is how you win games.