Ten Easy Ways To Improve Your Basketball Shooting Percentage:


The NBA has focused on the altered regulations due to the pandemic situation and adapted itself accordingly. The media and press are referring to the new and refurbished basketball as Bubble-ball. However, some things are integral to the sport, and being a champion shooter is one of those fundamentals that ensure accolades for your team. Basketball shooting has been a critical aspect for most coaches when they are looking to train young players who aim to impact the sport. That being said, rebounders and other automated basketball shooting machines are also helping budding basketball players improve their game considerably.

Why Is Shooting A Fundamental Aspect Of Basketball?

The scoresheet matters profoundly when it comes to winning games. Therefore, shooting is an essential skill that one needs to learn to be a successful basketball pro. Knowing how to shoot farther in basketball will improve your chances to hog the limelight and help your team compete against its adversaries at the same level. Thus, every other skill like dribbling, passing, rebounding, and defense might help you get a higher percentage of shots, but if you lack the critical skill-shooting, it will be an uphill road for you to be a pro or a quintessential element of a team.

The smooth, free-flowing techniques possessed by great shooters and their soft touch are not gifts; it is indeed a result of strenuous practice. The development of a precise shot enables the defender to play tight against you, allowing you to pass and drive or shoot. He becomes vulnerable to a fake or a dummy. But without an accurate shooting skill, you can’t fool your defender, and he will play back in the certain anticipation of a pass or a drive and be in a better defensive position. Hence, teaching basketball shooting is a crucial task of school and varsity coaches to create sharpshooters who present an arsenal of offensive options to their team.

Ten Easy Techniques To Develop Your Basketball Shooting Percentage:

If you refer to pure shooters like Steph Curry or Steve Nash or Ray Allen, you can imagine them driving hard against their opponents and then pulling effortlessly for a soft jump shot. These techniques require some grueling practice sessions and the best shooting drill for basketball. Let us get into some of the basics of basketball shooting drills that will ensure your basketball shooting percentage goes up.

●Locating the target or the rim earlier:

Locating the target or the rim a split second earlier offers your brain to calculate the distance and concentrate on the objective subconsciously. Keeping your eyes on the edge as early as possible is one of the critical points in every best shooting drill for basketball.

●Always holding your follow-through:

Basketball shooting always dictates you to hold your follow-through as it solves multiple shooting problems and develops a flexible shooting technique without having to think about it consciously. This simple movement is one of the most important aspects of shooting well and farther in basketball.

● Finishing with a relaxed wrist:

When coaches teach how to shoot farther in basketball, they always emphasize finishing with a relaxed or loose wrist. Finishing with a tense wrist is a common mistake. Once your hand ends on the line, it should bounce a little as well during the follow-through.

●Using a colored ball to enhance rotation:

Using a colored basketball during practice will enable you to see the ball’s rotation and direction; hence, the feedback will help you adjust and improve the straightness of your shot.

●Don’t give thoughts about shooting any place during games:

During actual match situations or games, thinking about shooting mechanics will destroy your mindset. You will miss a few shots, but you should train your mind not to think about them or think nothing at all, but just shoot! Developing this mentality will amp up your shooting percentage by a considerable margin. Try thinking about your shooting technique and mechanics while you are practicing.

●Developing an optimal arc:

The best shooting drill for basketball entails shooting with an optimal arc as it would create a relatively better chance of the ball going in. The general thumb rule is that you should finish the follow through with the rim visible underneath the fingers of your shooting hand. A decent arc on the shot minimizes the margin of error and increases its chance of making the net.

●Using a partner to tune the shot alignment:

Shooting back and forth with a partner during practice enables you to fine-tune your shot alignment and develop shooting accuracy.

●Landing in front:

Shooting is all about balance, and you can achieve this with an ideal stance and footwork. Ensure that you always finish in front of where you start with the shot, so that your momentum goes towards the basket with every catch and you develop the perfect stance.

● Filming your shot:

Filming your shot before games will enable you to watch your shooting technique minutely and make the necessary tweaks during practice. You can also detect poor shooting mechanics and commit to improvements and refine your techniques. A sound basketball shooting necessitates filming each player’s shots and making them realize what they are doing wrong and how they can adapt.

● Watching DVDs:

Good habits, techniques, and examples can be contagious. You should never stop learning. Watching the DVDs of great shooters will enable you to improve your confidence and form and appropriately learn this aspect of the game.

With these basics in mind, try to give more hours in practice with shooting machines and partners, and you will definitely ace basketball shooting during actual match situations!