The 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Morocco

As far as residential properties are concerned there are definitely interesting options available all over the country of Morocco. Here is a list of the 5 cheapest areas to buy real estate.

Sidi Chiker

This is one of the remote towns of Morocco where an entirely different culture will be discovered along with century old traditions and also an entirely different lifestyle. One of the most interesting places in a town such as this will always be the local market. Just about any and everything can be purchased but it may be necessary to learn basic negotiation skills because this is something for which these marketplaces is well-known. Most of these small towns is surrounded by agricultural land and it is not uncommon to see livestock on the outskirts of town. For the adventurous there are balloon rides in the high Atlas Mountains. An apartment can cost $141,000.

Ras El Ain

For the adventuristic and those who are forever curious about history, traditions and alternative lifestyles Ras El Ain may be the change you need. There are in fact many interesting things in the surrounding area. There are Several interesting landmarks in the area as well as interesting attractions which is certain to keep tourists busy for weeks. It is also easy to get into this region and to depart since an airport is less than 30 miles away. The hottest temperatures in the region is around 73°F and that is from July to June. The rain season is between December and February. Properties can be purchased for $$135,000.

Jnane Bouih

Another of the rural villages of Morocco is Jnane Bouih which is not so far from El Hajra El Beida. This village is 397 meters above sea level. Some of the interesting places in the region is Douar Bouazza, Jnane Aybuod, Essafssafa and El Hajra El Beida. Within a 6km radius there is a mosque while a post office is available 17 km away. There is also the Esam Aliesa Farm which is another place of interest only 16 km from Jnane Bouih. A property can cost $128,000.


Buy Property in Morocco

This little village is approximately 50 km to the south east of Safi which is another of the Moroccan cities. It is also close to an archeological site and there are hominin fossils in the area which is frequently unearthed since discovery of this find in 1960. At first there were differences of opinion regarding the origin and species which has since been determined to be Homo Sapiens after the initial thoughts were that it may be Neanderthal remains. Nevertheless, the remains are estimated to be 300,000 years old. A house can be purchased for a quick sale for $122,000.


This village is approximately 258 km south west of the capital of Morocco which is Rabat. Air transport is not a problem when traveling to and from Esbiaat because there are eight airports in the region. Besides air travel there are several other traveling options in the region. There is a number of Unesco world heritage sites of which Medina of Essaouira is one, south east of Esbiaat about 83 km away. There are also other tourism attractions such as Sidi Bou Othmane, Chichaoua, Safi, Sidi Bennour and Youssoufia. Properties can be purchased for $118,000 which is not a lot of finance.