Virtual Relationships 101: What You Should Prepare

There are many dating apps and websites available on the Internet. Tinder and Bumble have been around since before the global pandemic. Given the quarantine restrictions in place, have dating apps been more popular than before?

Meeting up with friends and new people may have been part of your regular social interaction before the crisis hit, but this habit is not feasible at this time. You will risk infecting and getting infected by the virus if you decide to meet up with a potential partner. It would help if you relied on video calls and virtual meet-ups while the virus is still around.

Given these restrictions, are you prepared for the world of online dating?

Defining Online Dating

Online dating involves interacting with another person through the Internet via a website or an app like Tinder or Bumble. It is a modern way of starting a romantic relationship without having to meet each other face-to-face immediately.

Online dating has been prevalent in recent years due to advancements in technology and changes in dating culture. Though this arrangement may be attractive to many young individuals, there are a few cons to this setup.

The Cons of Online Dating

Out of all the cons of online dating, the first con may be the availability of the Internet and electricity. You may be laughing now, but you won’t be smiling anymore once your hot conversation gets cut short by power interruption. To avoid this, you can get a solar battery for your home. Having this installed can even be a conversation starter with your new partner.

Another disadvantage is having unlimited options. It may seem like a significant advantage at first, but having plenty of options may mean that you will have difficulty finding someone with the same commitment as you do. Interacting solely via online means before meeting up in person may lead to too high an expectation. This could only lead to potential heartbreak for both parties due to disappointment.

Having overly curated profiles can also lead to unexpectedly high expectations. It also will not provide enough information about the person (or persons) you are dating.

Lastly, a disadvantage of online dating is encountering trolls. Dating apps can be a breeding ground for trolls who find joy in harassment and making others feel uncomfortable. You wouldn’t want to encounter these types of people.

Although there are many disadvantages to online dating, many people still engage in this habit. This is because online dating can also have its advantages.

The Benefits

While many disadvantages have been mentioned regarding online dating, the habit still has its pros. What are the advantages of dating virtually?

One advantage of online dating may come in forming emotional bonds before establishing a physical connection. This may also mean having fewer barriers that can hinder the formation of a close connection. While the lack of physical touch may be problematic for many, some may still prefer bonding emotionally before taking the relationship further.

Even through video calls and chat, you will get to witness how the other person deals with stress, especially during this pandemic. You can judge for yourself if the person’s stress management is appropriate to your liking.

Also, online dating during this time will decrease the likelihood of catching diseases, whatever disease it may be. These are some advantages that may outweigh the cons, depending on your preferences and standards.

Dating and the Pandemic

Why do we crave connection? Why is it so essential for us to interact and communicate with others even when we cannot physically be together?

Quarantine restrictions have wedged a gap between us and our physical relationships, but it can’t stop us from showing our love.

Thanks to modern technology, video calls are now readily available for many people around the globe. This allows us social interaction whenever we need it. Given these online social interactions, we are given an outlet to express our thoughts and emotions. This allows us to take care of our mental health. All of these and more are enjoyed in the safety of our homes.

Online dating is a relatively new (ad)venture. Some individuals may find the concept difficult to grasp, but many people would agree that online dating has provided a platform and outlet for many good relationships to prosper. It is merely a medium or a different form of traditional dating but as effective. Remember that the genuine strength of any relationship lies in good communication, trust, and honesty. The rest is just a bonus.